Recipe: Soy Sauce Edamame

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Late last year, my company had a dinner party at a Japanese restaurant in downtown LA called Takami. One of the appetizers ordered was edamame and it was super savory and flavorful and delicious. Since edamame is tiny and light, I'm pretty sure I ate about five hundred of them before the first round of sushi even came out.

Takami's version.

Since the flavors seemed pretty basic, Boyfriend and I decided to attempt the recipe on our own. This is what we came up with.

-Frozen edamame beans
-1 large clove fresh garlic per serving of edamame
-1.5 tbsp butter per serving of edamame
-1/4 cup soy sauce

1. Boil edamame beans in lightly salted water according to package instructions.

2. Once beans are done boiling and have been drained, transfer them to a frying pan. Saute with butter, garlic, and soy sauce. Since the beans are already cooked, you just need to toss them around with the other stuff until it's well coated and heated throughout.

3. Serve and eat while hot!

DISCLAIMER: We've made this recipe a few times and I've actually never measured the ingredients. I kind of just wing it. But the measurements above seem pretty close to what I think I've used. And by "pretty close", I mean I've probably used more butter and garlic.

 My version.

As you can tell from the picture, this time I went a little light on the soy sauce. But take it from me, you'd rather go light than heavy with it. Because once you've added too much soy sauce, this dish pretty much tastes like rock salt.



StephanieC said...

I love your admission of more butter and garlic. lol.

Looks tasty, but the butter part would make me feel ill. Think I could get away with extra virgin olive oil?

Probably not.

Sara Louise said...

It's true, you can never unsoy, the soy! And once you over soy, it's big fat bloat

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