Blogging Etiquette: What Would You Do?

Recently, The Vegetable Assassin had a post that got me thinking...

What do you do when a blog you're following has taken on a different style? Let's just use my blog for example.

Let's say you joined my blog early on, when all I wrote about was food and restaurants. Maybe you're a foodie or whatever. So as time goes on, my post topics change to House Hunters, and endometriosis, and poop. And you think to yourself "I'm not into this shit anymore."

Do you unfollow the blog? Is that bad blogging etiquette?

I mean, I could totally unfollow someone's blog and not think twice because the chances of ever running into a fellow blogger IRL is like negative. But is that actually considered poor form? It shouldn't be, right?

I know some bloggers might be offended. I know because I've been there. But seriously, people stop following for a number of reasons and it shouldn't be the scandal of the century to UNfollow someone. What does it matter if I don't care what you wore today or how you choose to raise your kid? Or my favorite blog type of all- the ones where people constantly post NOT ironic duckface? You might be a cool person, but I'm just not super interested in your blog topic.

I mean seriously, see how silly you look...?


We read stories we're interested in. If we're not interested, why read?

So, follow or unfollow: What would YOU do?


abbyhasissues.com said...

Unless it's someone I feel like I'm friends with,I just don't follow. To be honest, I have a short attention span and only subscribe to around five blogs (but I "like" several others, blah blah blah.) If it doesn't keep my attention, I just don't read.

Sometimes I feel bad about this if they read my blog, but in the end, it's my time, and I don't have a lot of that just floating around. There's a certain etiquette, but I don't think it's any different than in "real" life. If I don't click with someone anymore, I don't force myself to hang out with them. Be polite, but not obligated.

Simone Says... said...

follow/unfollow... doesn't matter. you have to do what's right for you. writers shouldn't care. unless they're writing for the wrong reasons.

Mandy_Fish said...

I don't think there's any blogging etiquette rule that says you have to follow anyone. It's not like Hotel California.

Speaking of which, I actually noticed that I lost a blog follower this week and I'm trying not to obsess over how much this means I now suck.

the Tsaritsa said...

I get sad when I lose a follower, but it's a superficial sadness. I want people who care about what I have to say reading the blog. If you don't care, cool. Smell ya later.

Quirky Jessi said...

It really depends, but I have no issues unfollowing a blog.

It's happened a few times where I've been following for years and even though I'm not super interested in the new topics, I keep following and will skim new topics just because I like a person's writing style or occasionally they have something I want to read anyway. Also, if I feel like I know the person really well know because of all the years, I don't really mind that they have a new passion for crocheting or geo-caching, even though it's not up my alley, so long as they don't just completely change everything.

Most times, though, if I'm no longer interested, I'm just no longer interested and it's nothing personal at all. Heck, there've been times where I just follow the person on Twitter or Facebook instead because I love them as a person (and people tend to be more personal there sometimes, it seems), but will unfollow their blogs because they've taken to spamming my reader with coupons/affiliate stuff/etc instead.

suki said...

since i tend to comment quite frequently, first i stop commenting as often. i think it's because i don't have anything to contribute. and the less i comment, then i am more likely to stop following.

i don't usually unfollow ppl i know IRL though. :)

Coyote Rose said...

I don't have problems unfollowing a blog and I don't get mad when people unfollow me. People change, our interests change and our blogs change. Some people are not going to change with us. If you are habitually skipping someone's blog posts because they don't interest you, there is nothing wrong with unfollowing them.

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

I've only unfollowed once or twice, otherwise, I just don't read anymore, especially if it is someone who doesn't have many followers.

In the few cases of unfollowing one was a particular blogger who had actually *asked* me to add her to my blogroll, which I had, because I was like ... ummm? But THEN, two posts later, she called something "gay" when she meant to say it was lame. Not synonyms, honey. So I don't feel bad for unfollowing her. The other one basically quit blogging, so I don't feel bad about that either.

Also, I'm sure some people have felt the same way about me -- my blog changed a lot once I got pregnant, and I lose a follower every once in a while, but it doesn't really bother me all that much anymore, because I AM rather lame these days. :)

There have been people I would prefer to unfollow, but don't, because I feel badly about it. I suppose I really shouldn't, but I just do.

MRanthrope said...

unfollow...then feed them to the lions!

The Six-Fingered Monkey said...

I agree with Mandy. There's no blogger etiquette. Then again, I tend to obsess when people unfollow me and when I lose a Facebook friend? I freak! Seriously. But, I'm lame like that.

Please don't unfollow me. I need love.

fabulousjunk said...

I don't think its wrong to unfollow someone who's blogging has changed or you're just not interested anymore. I have done that many of times. I find that they're blog does not interest me or vice a versa. It doesn't really bother me, I'd rather people follow me because they're actually interested in my blog, not because I followed them first.
I do enjoy your blog btw... great stuff


Deborah said...

I know what you are saying, but there are TOO MANY rules around these barts. I mean plogs. I mean . . . oh you know what I mean.

Things evolve and minds wander. I like to read. And not unfollow.

Marie a la Mode said...

I think I would unfollow. If you signed up to read a blog for its fashion content but now it's full of recipes I'd unfollow because I like to shop more than I like to cook! ; )

Lorraine said...

I unfollow people a lot. Mostly because I have this weird faux-CD thing about having my reader clean and organized. If I'm not even reading the blog though, why would anyone want to have me as a "follower." Readers and comments are more important to me.

I will admit that when I lose a follower, I always wonder why...


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