Bitchin' Kitchen.

Have you guys heard of this show called Bitchin' Kitchen?

It's on The Cooking Channel.

For a while, I flat out refused to watch Bitchin' Kitchen because the host, Nadia G. seemed fucking ridiculous. And I watch a lot of ridiculous shit, so that says a lot if even I refuse to watch it.

And then one day I made the mistake of lingering too long on an episode (in the hopes of spitting hate all over it). And the fucking obvious happened.

I fell in love with it.

The premise of the show is an Italian-American (by way of Canada) bombshell who has a Brooklyn/ Jersey/ Unidentifiable accent makes good food and cracks jokes along the way. She also has regular guests on the show who add helpful tidbits and sometimes pointless drivel, but at least they're semi-good-looking.

So, have you guys seen this show? What do you think?? Am I crazy for loving it?


hed said...

Yes. You are crazy for loving it!

I tried to watch it because she has the cutest style, and doesn't take cooking so seriously...but her voice is literally like Gilbert Godfrey or Bobcat Goldwaithe to me! It's like NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD!

Maybe you can be a dear and make some of her meals, post them to your site, and I can learn her recipes vicariously though you? <3


abbyhasissues.com said...

I don't get the Cooking Channel, but considering I end up getting hooked on every food competition show out there, that's probably a good thing. However, I also don't really cook, but I do bitch in my kitchen, so it's possible I would get hooked on this one as well.

Jes said...

She is KRAZY! And that accent, yeah I dont know what that is from, I figured English wasnt her first language and thats what part of it was but who knows.

Erin said...

Uh, she sounds fucking ridiculous. What the hell is that accent?! She sounds Russian. I don't think I can watch this. Too ragey.

Unknown said...

Anyone who sings a song about break up/loneliness that includes watching all 5 seasons of The Wire consecutively (paraphrased) has my love. If you ever watched and liked Beekman's World, this is just like that only for cooking. You're either on board with the absurdity or you're not, but at least she's doing something entertaining. Plus, her recipes are super accessible and her clothes rock. Get over the accent, which I kinda like, and listen to the content. She's a very funny gal.

Kyleriffic said...

She is a Canadian chef and comedienne who transitioned her web cooking series into a TV cooking show. Even if you aren't crazy about the accent, I gotta give her props for that. I believe the part of the accent you can't put your finger on is French Canadian, pretty sure she hails from Quebec. So if you mixed a Bronx/Italian/French Canadian accent together that what it would sound like. I'm also sure this is over the top on purpose (I've noticed she briefly drops the accent at times) it is a comedy cooking show after all.

Nikosmommy said...

Ha! bitchin' is super popular her in canada on "the food network" and my gf's and I love Nadia! She's totally hilarious and a great cook too! We also like her co-stars Panos, The agent and Hans!!

Nikosmommy said...

I'm iwth Kyleriffic,,,he's totally right about her accent!

Simone Says... said...

since your blog is about things you eat... i think this makes perfect sense.

being of italian decent, i don't think i could handle watching a bunch of loud-mouth wops blathering on and on about food.

also, this happens to me with infomercials. if i linger one second too long, i'm hooked and end up buying stupid shit that doesn't work.

RHONDA said...

Sasha my dear ... it has been too long.

I stumbled upon this randomness and to answer your curiousity... DRACULA. The girl sounds like Dracula.

You are welcome.

Hope you're doing good!

Denise said...

Hey! First off, thanks for following my blog! Second, I'm long overdue visiting your blog. But I'm 32 and just went on my first date...I tend to take my time doing things, lol! Third, you're fantastic and funny as hell. I'll be back!

Denise (tulips and togas)

P.J. said...

I don't get the Cooking Channel, so I've never heard of it. But watching the clip you have here, I wouldn't watch it. The voice would kill me. It's one of the reasons I avoid Rachel Ray. No matter the style or the looks, if I can't dig the voice, I turn it off!

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