Ladies Who Lunch.

Last week, my blogger-and-real-life friend Crying is the New Croquet decided to host a Ladies Who Lunch. And since we all know I like to eat, and in some parts of the world I might be considered a lady, I was all over it.

On the Menu:
Black Bean and Corn Salad
Chef's Salad

For the Kids:
Pizza Roll-ups

I'm sure you'll be shocked to know I was too busy strapping on the old feedbag to get recipes for everything. But I did manage to get the deets on my two favs, the Corn and Bean Salad and the Pizza Roll-ups.

Black Bean and Corn Salad
1 can of black beans.
1.5 cups frozen sweet organic corn.
2 scallions chopped
2 cloves of garlic (crushed through a press)
1 tomato diced
Olive oil (about a tbsp or less if you want it lighter)
Lime juice

Rinse beans. Combine all ingredients. Let it sit and mingle for a few hours. (Can also be served wrap style with Bibb lettuce.) (I ate it with a shit ton of tortills chips.)

I couldn't stop eating all her beans and corns.

Worth Noting: Word on the street is, this is a Weight Watchers recipe. Which is shocking because it was fucking delicious and usually I only like stuff when it's one Weight Watcher's "EAT THIS AND DIE" list.

Pizza Roll-ups
Pillsbury pizza dough
and any other toppings you might like

Flatten out pizza dough. Prepare with toppings as usual. Roll up into a log. Slice into generous 1 inch thick rounds. Fit rounds side by side in a round pie dish. Bake according to dough instructions or until tops brown.

Here are some other shots of the stuff I ate.

Every lunch should have Mimosas. Whether you're on the clock or not is irrelevant.

Bruschetta vs. TILTE. (Spoiler Alert: I won.)

A salad topped with potatoes, avocado, and chicken (among other things) is MY kind of salad.

More pizza roll-ups.

Bailey, the Wonder Weiner/ Butler. He sat on his butt like this the whole time we were at the table.



Erin said...

I'm totes gonna make the black bean stuff and just pretend I didn't see the pizza roll ups. :-) I'm hungry.

Crying is the New Croquet said...

I'd like you to know that I destroyed the leftovers and I think you'd agree that the Mimosas-in-a-Bottle were effin' delicious. As for being on the clock; like Jack Donaghy says, "It's Business-Drunk. It's like Rich-Drunk. Either way, it's legal to drive."

theTsaritsa said...

The corn/bean salad sounds easy and really yummy, and that enormous salad with the avo looks to-die-for.

I wish I could drink a mimosa with every meal :)

Simone Says... said...

seriously - every time i read your posts about food, i reconsider giving up being a vegan.

Anonymous said...

as an attending lunch lady (not cafeteria kind) i can vouch for all the delish food. the fingerling potatoes on the salad were dazzlers. the pizza rolls and bruschetta have made cameos in my daydreams. carbs are more addictive than bazooka crack. i only wish i had time for dessert and banter with bailey the butler dog. with his enlarged heart and my baboon heart we are soul mates.

Sara Louise said...

I would have begged like that for bacon too (not too easy finding good bacon in France... what is wrong with these people???)

theoldboathouse said...

Just found your blog...love your profile blurb thing...so funny made me giggle, xxx Katherine

Wombat Central said...

Must. Kiss. Bailey.

suki said...

Yum!!! I'm itching for another lunch. Why don't my friends host these?! :P

MRanthrope said...

THose pizza roll ups look awesome right about now! Not a fan of corn though. Not by a long shot.

Trude said...

Wow that all looks amazing. Jealous! And that dog is cracking me up!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ERIN - what pizza rollups? (seewhatididthere??)

CRYING - i guess it's my turn to host the next lunch. i hope you like grilled cheese and kool-aid.

TSARITSA - really. anything topped in avocado is a winner, IMO. and serving it with mimosas? get out of here.

SIMONE - i'm not sure if you mean my food turns you off of eating or makes you want to eat more. either way, i'll take it.

MINA - your love for bailey knows no bounds.

SARA - what?!!?! they don't have good bacon in france?? that doesn't make sense to me, i would think they would have top notch meat. that must be especially unfortunate for you, coming from the UK where they have fucking DELICIOUS pigs.

OLD BOAT - thanks for stopping by and following!! xx

WOMBAT - yes, bailey is quite the dazzler. (why don't people think i'm cute when i beg for food??)

SUKI - this was the first one we had, so don't get too jealous just yet. we'll see if this whole luncheon thing sticks.

MRANTHROPE - what?!?! i've never met anyone who doesn't like corn. do you like corn bread? or popcorn? or anything corn related?

TRUDE - bailey needs to join circus of the stars.

Deborah said...

That dog! Let me kiss his. How adorable is he?

That salad looks like I need it for lunch. Nummy!

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