Some of you already know, but last week was pretty tough for me. Something happened that melted my icey, dead heart. I had to give away one of my pups.

It wasn't really my choice and I'm still not very happy about it. Unfortunately, living back at my mom's has some limitations. And those limitations didn't include two 50lb dogs.

I guess everything happpens for a reason and everything works out in the end and all those other booshet cliche phrases, but that didn't make it any easier. Despite knowing they will love him and give him way more than I ever could, giving away one of my babies is the one of the hardest things I've ever done. This post is all about my pup, Kosmo. So if you don't like dogs, avert your eyeballs NOW.

August of last year I was helping a friend look for a pet to adopt. I happened to come across a pup that looked JUST like our other dog, Biscuit. And this new pup was up for adoption at the SAME place where we got Biscuit. I just HAAAAD to go check him out in person. You know, just to see what he looked like. Twenty minutes after I got there, he was mine.

He had scrapes and bald spots and a scrawny tail, but I loved him from the start.

His first ride home. That's when I learned about his drooling-in-the-car habit.

He and big sis, Biscuit, hit it off right from the start.

He always has the sweetest look on his face.

Family portraits.

Halloween costumes that made him look more like a deer in headlights than a cow with udders.

Big ol' dangly drools hanging out of his mouth when there were treats nearby.

Lips getting stuck to his teeth when he yawned. (He would kill me if he knew I posted this)

Being cuddly every chance he got.

Always so happy to go out.

Twin pups, always together.

The Neighborhood Watch program. (Look at that curly tail...)

"Hi, momma!"

The little investigator- Always coming in covered in plants, bugs, or spider webs.

After sedation for 12 staples. Poor poochie...

Just being dreamy.

Our last morning together...

Kosmo and his new big brother, Scooter. They love each other already, I can tell.

It's time for you to start the next chapter of your life, Kosmosis. Your new family will take great care of you. You're the sweetest pup ever and I'm going to miss you.

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Beans on Toast

My dearest of dear internet friends, I'm going to share with you a secret family recipe that only a few special family members know about. And by "a few special family members", I actually mean everyone in the United Kingdom and Australia. And probably New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada too.

Beans on Toast. Yes, you read correctly. BEANS.ON.MUTHA.FUGGIN.TOAST.

Here in the southern Californias, beans are best saved for rice and burritos and even sometimes barbeques (Correction: This originally said teriyaki bowls until I woke up this morning and realized I was half asleep when I typed this out last night. Clearly beans do NOT go with teriyaki bowls.). But in those fancy British colonies, they serve beans on toast and eat it as a breakfast meal. I know- it's so crazy, right?!?! So, here's what you'll need:

-Heinz Baked Beans. It's very important that you go with Heinz because this is the brand they use in real life England. And because they're the best. They're not all sugary sweet like those other stupid brands that make my mouth water in a gross about-to-vom kind of way. Heinz can be found at local British shops, CostPlus World Market, and word on the street is, you can even find them once in a while at the dollar store. But act quickly, because I'm sure the ex-pats receive immediate notice when they're in stock.

-Cheddar cheese.


-White bread.

Sooooo, basically you're going to want to toast your bread. And get some butter on there too while you're at it. As you can tell, I didn't put too much on mine. Because I'm on a diet.

Grate a whole shitload of cheese and put it to the side. Then get your beans in a pot and heat those badboys up. Throw like a handful of cheese up in the mix. It will make them extra tastey and your intestines will thank you later for it.

When the cheesey beans are nice and bubbly, spoon them onto your diet buttered toast. Lastly, top with more grated cheese. You know, for good measure.

I know I already lost some of you way back up there when I first said beans on toast, but if you've lasted this long, it is well worth your interest to try this little diddy out. It's actually really delicious and totally filling. Also, I've heard beans on toast is responsible for smart British accents and calling restrooms "loos". I cannot be held responsible if this happens to you.

Happy Beaning.

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Summer Recap! (Holy Molies, Save This For When You Have a Wiiiiide Open Schedule)

I'm a lazy blogger and I've decided to make this entry an all-out photo fest recap. I know... Nothing of real value will be typed from here on out (as opposed to all my other entries, which are always chock full o' hilarious, wild, informative anecdotes about absolutely nothing).

Ughhhh, I HateHateHate that summer has come and gone already. I'm not even close to accepting the idea that I have to pack up my Hawaiian Tropic canceroil, close the tab on my Sangria boozefest, and wake up from my big dreams of roadtrips up and down the California coast. Don't get me wrong. Fall is a cool season too, but I've just had so many noteable things going on this summer that I'm not really looking forward to letting it go. These last few months have been busier than ever and hopefully these pictures will keep you up to date on what's been going in the wonderful world of TILTE. Some of the pix you may or may not have already seen. Just go with it and pretend like they're just as earth-shattering now as they were the first time around.

Let's get this party sharted.

Biscuit LOVES the pool. She will dive right in at the drop of a hat and took full advantage of having a pool in the roasting hot San Fernando Valley.

Kosmo, on the other hand, has seen better days. I still haven't found the backyard lawn hooligan who did this, but Kosmo's feeling back to normal and doesn't even care that he has 12 staples in his side. He hears they're all the rage in Milan this season.

My rad little house with the rad little pool? Gone. That's what happens when you get a divorce. Apologies for never planning a Bloggers Gone Wild Pool Party. Maybe my mom will let me invite some friends over for root beer floats instead. But probably not, so don't hold your breath.

College roommates. :::Cue Peaches & Herb's Reunited::: These kinds of things need to happen more often.

Big time family reunion. I'm talking family members from near and far, united around one blessed tri tip and enjoying each others company. That's how it works with family- when you only get together once every 15 years, it's totally acceptable to have a good time. It's only the mofos you see every other weekend that you want to strangle.

The county fair. Guaranteed fun as long as you're cool with spending arms and legs for a corndog and some funnel cake. Also, watch out for the animals in the petting zoo- they're starving and will eat your face off. They don't even care how many times you tell them that silk shirts should not be chewed on, they will chew them anyway.

Another roommate reunion. This time it was with Orla, my flatmate from good old Londontown. She, her sister Tanya, and their boyfriends came out for two weeks and partied it up, Brits-on-holiday style. I met up with them on their last night here in LA and we had dinner at Bubbles Gump. I'd never been there before and didn't think I would be too dazzled because 1. I'm not really into the shrimps and 2. I don't think Forest Gump is a particularly appealing interior decor style. Alas, Bubbles proved me wrong. I ended up ordering the Pear and Berry Salad, Original Sweet Tea Cooler, and Mama's Best Strawberry Shortcake. THEY.WERE.ALL.DEELISHUS. Swearsies. The salad was good because it didn't have all that boring salad shit, like lettuce, in it- there were lots of fruits, feta cheese, and candied nuts. Mmm... just the way I like my salads. The Original Sweet Tea Cooler was a FAB drink that's super easy to make at home (Sweet Tea infused vodka and lemonade) and tastes JUST like an Arnold Palmer. And the strawberry shortcake was off the chizzain and I've been dreaming of it ever since. B. Gump, you get 4 chins.

Living near the beach again has its perks.

Tea Time with the Bunacers. Since we all lived in London, we got majorly spoiled on teas and scones and now we make it a point to enjoy these finer things in life as often as possible. We always stick with the Chado Tea Rooms, but this time we tried a new location, the Japanese American National Museum. The Afternoon Tea is a MUST have for anyone who's even thinking of being in the LA area- four finger sandwiches, scone with cream and strawberries, dessert, and your choice of tea from the huge 200 tea selection. There are pros and cons for each Chado location, which I will have to save for a later date, but all Chados are goooood Chados.

The summer was rounded out with an amazing wedding celebration at Shutters in Santa Monica. The couple's handwritten vows were so beautiful, even I (with my stone cold dead-behind-the-eyes heart) got a case of the watery eyeballs. The venue was perfect AND, as if they hadn't spoiled their guests enough, they had every wedding-goers dream come true: An Open Bar. To that, I say- Cheers Mr. and Mrs. Duke.

That pretty much sums up my crazy hectic summer. I know, this whole blog thing has propelled me into super stardom and my days will forever be filled with special appearances and I need to get used to it already. So, when I take a brief hiatus here and there, you guys all know why. It's because I'm totally making cameos with my celebuds, Paris and Lilo. Either that, or I'm taking a nap.

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