Living near/ around/ in LA, I've seen my fair share of celebs (and pseudo celebs).

Roger Lodge (From the famed TV show Blind Date, duh.)

Jodi Foster

Pauly Shore (That's right, The WeeeEeEeEesel himself)

Jillian Barberie

Jim Carey

Tom Hanks

Joe Pantoliano (Who actually kissed me and made some innapropriate offers- totally serious, btw)

David Schwimmer

Kirsten Dunst

Kristen Wiig (Hey Kristen- remember when I walked past you to go into the ladies room?!? I'm sure you do.)

But my top three favs are (in order of stalking seeing them):

3. John Ritter
When I was a nanny in richville, one of the kids I watched was in the same class as John Ritter's daughter, Stella. One morning, after parking my rickity-ass '84 Volvo alongside all the fresh new BMWs, Range Rovers, and Mercedes', I spotted him. An angel sent from Regal Beagle heaven. There he was, my dreamboat of dreamboats, Johnny Ritter. I foamed at the mouth for a bit as I tried to think of how I would make my way into his beauhunk heart before reaching the classroom door. This was my chance. Speak now or forever hold my peace. I mustered up my shit and squeeked out "Oh my gosh, I'm like your biggest fan!"

Right as I wrapped up my haiku of undying love, Stella burst into tears for some unknown reason. John sat down on a bench, put her on his knee, and started consoling her, totally blowing off my special moment. Fuck. I walked my kid into class, signed him in, and shuffled back to my car, face burning with the intensity of a thousand white hot suns.

Even though there was no "real" conversation taking place between me and jRitter, I'm pretty sure our eyes did all the talking. It will always live on as one of my fav celeb moments.

2. Paris Hilton
A few years back, some friends and I were shopping around at one of LA's known celeb spots. While at the food court, my friend Michael casually mentioned that Paris Hilton was nearby. Being TOTALLY in love with her at the time, I flipped the fuck out and decided I was NOT going to pass up this opportunity to meet the Princess of Ridiculousness herself. I grabbed my camera and headed over to the sticker shop where Paris was hiding out, in cognito (avec a dark wig and sunglasses, of course). Surprisingly, not too many people had spotted her so the shop was pretty empty. I lurked around some corners, staring from afar, and finally decided to make my move. I walked up to her and politely asked "Um, excuse me... Can I get a picture with you...?".

Friends, I'm gonna say this now NOT because I used to openly obsess over her and post magazine cut outs of her all over my college apartment refridgerator, but because it's the GD truth. SHE.WAS.SO.NICE. I totally swear. She smiled and said "Mm-hmm!"

We posed, took our pic, I thanked her, and we parted ways. (Paris and TILTE: Total BFF's)

1. Kerri Kenney
Also known as Deputy Trudy Wiegel from Reno 911.

My love for Kerri (or "Kerr" as I call her) started way back in the early 90's when she was the only female on just THE.BEST.FUCKING.COMEDY.SKETCH.SHOW.EVER.WRITTEN. EVARRRR. It was called The State and if you were lucky enough to be graced by this comic genius, consider yourself blessed. Seriously, that show had some of the funniest sketch shit I've seen in my entire life and I hope some big time producers are kicking themselves in the balls for not picking them up for longer than they originally aired.

From there, Kerr and two other State alums- Michael Ian Black and Thomas Lennon- formed the show Viva Variety. This show... meh... not so great. But since I was STAAARVED for State comedy gold, I went with it.

Just last week, as I was perusing through the aisles of my local Target Greatland, I saw her. My female comic funny-face making hero, Kerri Kenney. I was frozen like a dear in the bedding department. After I shit my pants, I passed by her like three times and was probably one pass short of having security called on me. I didn't care though bc I LUUUV her. Seeing someone who's hilarious, pretty, and holds her own in a group full of dudes- Ugh... she's my fav. Here's to you, KerrBear:

There you have it, TILTE's fav celeb sightings. Now I'm not one to get overly foofoo about seeing stars, because afterall, they're just normal people. And I'm sure all of the above mentioned normal people are totally blogging about seeing me too. I just wanted to give a little shout out to my fav peeps in the industry. And also let all of my readers know how cool I am because I totally hang out with the rich and famous.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving, yo.


Coyote Rose said...

Dude, i'm so jealous that you get to see celebrities. All i see is cold weather. Although i did wait on an Oakridge boy once and Bob marley's son.

Elizabeth said...

i saw woody harrelson once at the third street promenade. greg (cousin greg) embarrassed the hell out of me by yelling "hey woody." oh yes and i saw the brat from eight is enough when the oaks mall still had a bistro in the middle of the mall. what was his name... adam rich. this before he became a become a punk in real life. but i didn't care. he was still famous. then every now and then i'd see his short self in the malls every now and then. guess you could say we hung out. HAH!

and... dad used to have a class with Eve Plumb. the middle sister in the brady bunch. marcia, marcia, marcia...

Julia said...

I sat next to Tom Selleck <3 in jury duty about 11 years ago. It was one of the best days of my life. I blurted out "Oh My GAWWWD...your Magnum PI!!!!" to which he replied, "you don't even look old enough to remember that show." and we actually chatted for a short while, I told him all about how I loved that show and how I bought my dad a matching shirt to the one he wore in the credits. Nobody believed me until they read it in the paper the next day that he was there.
Also when I was working at the Pierpont I met Larry from Three's company, and Johnny Cash's daughters and first wife, but I have no stalker stories for them.

Bonnie said...

Is it totally weird that your top three favorite celeb sightings feature some of my favorite celebs? Totally jealous. I hate you. In a good way. :)

Thanks for your comment.


Wombat Central said...

Blind Date was one of the best shows ever. Did it get freakin' canceled or do I just not get it on my cheapo cable?

LOVED Reno 911.

I've only met David Cassidy. I feel so inferior right now.

Sara Louise said...

You're going to have to expand on that Joe Pantloliano tidbit.

Deborah said...

I used to crush on the Blind Date guy hugely. And loved that cheesy show. I used to LOVE the half-nekked girls that were all trashy and trying to act normal. The best!

Megs said...

Aw, man. I was so in love with John Ritter. He just seemed like he'd be an awesome guy. I'm actually a little disappointed that he didn't respond to your statement at all.

I mean, damn, kids cry all the time right? It could have waited 30 seconds.

(I am totally kidding. I respect the parenting. Seriously.)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

julia- you totally win for best celeb sighting. tom selleck AND larry from Three's Company???


megs- i felt exactly the same as you.

Brooke said...

Jackie Aprile hit on you? That creep.

LaceyRee said...

oh em effffffff gee, I am so jealous that you saw Trudy!!! She is so hilarious, and I have never heard of The State, but I am about to watch that shit illegally online right meow. gracias.

LaceyRee said...

update: I am now halfway through the first season and already sad that there are only 2 seasons!! thank you for introducing me to The State! These actors look so YOUNG and it's so fun to see them all working together when they were "new" in the business :)

Twisted Susan said...

I saw Kenny Loggins by baggage claim.
He gave off bad vibes.

Crying and Croquet said...

OMG, I remember the Joey Pants incident. Fucking hot.

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