Advice from TILTE

Calling in sick isn't nearly as fun when you're actually sick.

On the bright side, today my friends sent me messages like these:

"Until you say otherwise, I'm just going to assume this is period related bullshit...."

"Is there any correlation to your food blog?"

"Your new boobs are gunna be great!"

" '‎I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant...' "

"At least you have great socks on."

"What hospital are you at? I'm stopping by, with hipstamatic in tow."

"That sounds like a technical term for assplay."

"Pomise me you're not getting an abortion."

I love my friends. Srsly.


Jessica said...

Ummmmm I think I love your friends too! Get better love!!!!!!!!!

Nikosmommy said...

Whoa! Hope it's nothing serious....feel better ASAP!!!!

Steve G. said...

Yeah, what are you actually sick with??? I swear, I would have called you if I knew I was still contagi-

... I've said too much. What? You're sick? Get better soon!

Biscuit said...

Dude. You alright? I was in the same setup Saturday night, still not fully recovered. Urgent care ain't no fun. Holler.

Kim said...

Oh no!!! I hope you feel better soon! I think your friends sound awesome, btw. I might steal them....


Deborah said...

Your friends are killing me! Such smartasses are lovable!

Get better please!

Megs said...

Feel better right now! Please?

Hannah @ The New Black said...

OK, hilarious! Hope you're back into your groove soon!

Junket said...

Bwahahaha...I know which one of those was me! Glad you're better. Now get really better so we can go out! xoxo

Coyote Rose said...


A. get better soon

B. I feel like i would like your friends.

C. I'm not sure they would like me

Sara Louise said...

I have to agree with the socks text, those are pretty dope. Hope you get better soon :-)

12ontheinside said...

Your friends are too funny. :)
Get better soon.

Wombat Central said...

Dude, should I reconsider a meal at The Counter now?!

For reals though, are you okay? Get better soon!

The Wombat

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I have a few friends I'll trade you.

lol. jaykay.

But not really. Just think about it.


RN Mama said...

I realize I'm totally late on this band wagon, but seriously, I hope you're ok! And, what the Hell was wrong!

Sara said...

Oh my!! The guesses from your friends are hysterical!! I'm dying. I hope you're not. :)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

thanks for all the well wishes! i have a dr appt this thursday and i'm thinking about keeping you all updated on it. unless it gets gross, that is.

steve- you're dead to me.

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