Fact: This Will Not Be Nearly as Entertaining as Experiencing It Firsthand

Apologies for leaving you hanging after the holiday weekend, friends. Honestly, before I started this blog my weekends were filled with home improvement shows and naps and I had all the time in the world to blog. However, these past few weeks have been busier than ever. It's probably because I've become a bigtime blog celeb. But enough about my bragging complaining.

Let's recap the weekend, shall we?

Saturday morning, Keith and I treated ourselves to THE best breakfast place known to exist in the greater San Fernando Valley area- Cici's Cafe. This place always has a line out the door, and when your table is ready, you take it. Doesn't matter where it is. You sit and you're thankful. We've been there twice before and both times I ordered the creeps. This time I decided to mix it up a little and order a half stack of the Monkey Business Pancakes. These badboys were 2 plate-sized buttermilk pancakes, topped with banana flambe and whipped cream.

Delicious? Check. Would I go back- hellllllllls yes, I would go back. Cici's, you haven't let me down. 5 out of 5 chins for you, mate.

While we were eating breakfast, Keith dropped the always pleasant bomb on me that he had plans to watch the Lakers game that night. Luckily before my 'roid rage had a chance to kick in, Danielle called and invited me out. And by called and invited me out, I mean she did the calling, I did the inviting.

That night, Danielle and I met up with her coworker Ben, Ben's brother and friend (who, for anonymity purposes, shall be referred to as Brother and Friend for the remainder of this entry), Bao and Emily. Before the night even started, Danielle and I had a good old time playing "Find a Parking Spot". Only the parking lot we were in looked like this. The first spot we pulled into was right next to the parking attendant's booth, so it was technically a good spot, based on the likelihood of not getting broken into. But then I pointed out that we may want to move closer to the entrance of the gate because we will be coming back in the dark and the less walking the better. So we moved the car to spot #2. Then Danielle pointed out that it might be one of those double spots, where you have to leave your keys with the attendant and it's always a pain. So we moved the car to spot #3. This is where it stayed partly because we couldn't believe how ridiculous we were being and partly because the lot attendant thought we were on drugs.

We met up for dinner at Bottega Louie. I'd never heard of this place before and usually I'm pretty wary of new restaurants because I'm typically a fries and nuggs kind of girl. When we reached the restaurant I became even more nervous. The building itself looked like an old museum- come to find out, it had been a Brooks Brothers store for the past 71 years (which is basically the same thing). It looked waaaaaay too fancypants for me and I was pretty sure I'd end up washing dishes to make up for the meal I couldn't afford.

Danielle and I were the first to arrive, so we sat in the bar and ordered a drink. Not long after, the dudes arrived. We all introduced ourselves and were best friends by the time Brother knocked my Birra Moretti over (15 seconds later).

After giving the menu a once over, I decided to order the Chicken Milanese. If you've never tried this before, it can be a really great meal OR it can be totally overcooked and feel like you're chewing on pleather. Luckily, it was a GREAT decision. The large portion of breaded chicken was juicy and came with a side of checca and arugula. Another 5 out of 5 chins meal.

Here are some photo highlights of the dinner:

Ben and Bao.

Emily and yours truly.

As the night progressed, Friend kept showing his drinks who's boss. By the time dinner ended, it seemed like maaaaaybe the drinks were starting to catch up with him (as shown below):

(Protecting Friend's identity)

After dinner, we headed over to this speakeasy type bar called 7 Grand. We stayed there for a few games of pool and another round of drinks. Well, another round for most of us. Friend really went for the gold on this one and had another 4-5 drinks.

(Friend protecting his own identity)

From there, we headed over to another bar that we heard was in walking distance. Friends, before I go any further, walking in downtown Los Angeles AT NIGHT can kind of be one of those life-changing events. And what I mean by life-changing, is actually life-losing. From one street to the next it turned into Skid Row.

This is when Friend really began to shine. Not only did he lose his balance, pulling a Super Mario style tuck-n-roll onto the streets of downtown LA, he also got turned away from a bar for being "too intoxicated". While on our way back, Danielle made up a game with Friend to keep him focused and on track. She explained to him that when she says the word "Fact" he would then state a fact. In theory, it was very simple and a great idea. In reality, the game went something like this...

Danielle: "Fact..."

Friend: "-FACT!"

Game over.

At this point, we decided to go to Ben's apartment and have a dance party. As you can see, Friend was still in his prime by the time we got to the apartment.

It actually turned out to be a really good time and we eventually got our dance. All in all, a good time was had by everyone involved.

Sunday, Keith and I decided to take the dogs to the beach. We'd never taken Kosmo and seeing as how well he took his first swimming lesson the day before (he hated it.), we thought this would be the perfect time. Surprise of surprises, he loved it. Both dogs were on best behavior and didn't try to maul kiss anyone. They probably didn't want to ruin their chances at having another outting. It was kind of overcast at the beach (as per usual), but it was great for walking the dogs and not getting my sweat on.

Monday, Saint Estelle Getty must have been looking down on me because Keith actually said he would go to the Greek Festival with me. Anyone who knows Keith knows he hates festivals. And crowds of people. And going out, en generale. So we got to Saint Nicholas Church went straight to taking care of business:

Gyros. :::drool:::

I will admit, there isn't really much to do at the Greek festival, but it's still fun to enter the raffle, get your feast on, and watch old Greek fisherman dance.

Plus, all the money goes towards a good cause.

(I can guarantee, that is the longest post I've ever written.)


Eric Strunk said...

I'ma little sad i was not the first drunken reveler featured in your blog. I thought . . . surely, I shall hold that honor . . . right??


Speaking of drunken, i'd love to hear about what you're drinking with all this good foods. Your leading pic in this entry tricked me!

Keep up the goodness!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

strunk, don't be deflated just yet. i have plenty of drinking days ahead of me that can be shared with you.

btw, it was a white russian.

and THANKS for commenting!!!

Haddock said...

Like your imagination being used on exhibit D

Wild and imaginative :-)

RN Mama said...

Am I the only who thinks your friend is Lindsey Lohan dressed up as a dude? Just sayin. Nothing makes for a good blog post like a drunk friend:)

Jessica said...

Friend looks like either a rocking good time or a complete hot mess... I can't figure out which!

Junket said...

I need to become friends with "Friend". Drunk people make me very happy.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

haddock- thanks for visiting! the saxaphone was actually really hard to draw and it took me like 45 min to get the right shading. seriously.

RN- shit. you figured it out.

jessica- he was definitely more good time than hot mess. even though he was completely wasted, there were no inappropriate advances made on anyone. a sign of a true gentleman.

junks- i would totally introduce you to Friend, but he lives in Washington. or Oregon. i'm not sure, actually...

Deborah said...

Drunken hilarity! I, even at my age, indulge in it from time to time.

My band of peeps and I call it "Doing the Mexico" for reasons I won't share.


Jessica said...

You gotta love true gentlemen!

michael said...


The Greek festival reminds me of the time I got a free baklava and you did not. Good times.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

michael- speaking of monkey, you need to come up here so we can get our coconut monkey tea on(or whatever it's called) at chado. my chins are begging for more.

there is another greek festival coming to camarillo this month, but this one is itty bitty and probably not worth a drive up here. plus you will probably eat all of their supplies and they will have to close early.

thisgirlbeck said...

hahaha... love your blog and I am obsessed with gyros myself, especially when hungover for some reason... i don't know



The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Love the sax pic!!! And I love all festivals! Food and music = fun!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

beck- thanks for joining!!! gyro when hungover... wow, i like where you're going with this...

TGNDGU- thanks!! the sax really was my pride and joy on this entry.

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